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Automatic Business Machine is an Income-Recurrent-Business that works for you 24/7

IMPORTANT: Learn why Debt Acceleration Services is special and how it is unique amongst a sea of budget programs currently on the market is NOT a budget program (those don't work) but a Debt-Accelerator and Monthly Debt Optimization software.

  • Meets post Covid business challenges
  • Low start-up and continuation costs
  • High income with minimal output
  • Safe, Clean, Effective and you help others
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    The majority of budget programs require your login information from your Banks and Credit Cards with the “purpose” of classifying every expense automatically.

    This presents a massive identity theft risk since these companies now have access to your most precious financial data (Banks and Credit Cards) for no “valid” reason. Debt Acceleration Services does NOT require any login information from Banks, Credit Cards, or anything for that matter.

    But it gets worse. Budget programs tend to organize your finances by assigning (budgeting) an amount of money to every active category. For example, you can allocate $200 to doctors (medical category) every month. The program will track if you become overextended or if you did not “use” the allocated money for the intended purpose.

    Promotes Saving

    We already know how important it is to save. The problem is having enough left over to save. If you did not spend on doctors this month, I’m not talking about health insurance (insurance category.) The budget program will show that you have a surplus of money, which now can be “allocated” to some other expense.

    That does not promote saving or investing or even accelerating the payment of your debts but promotes expending all your money with no higher purpose. Debt Acceleration Services works with real-life scenarios where you don’t have a preset budget for your expenses, but you have a preset debt monthly budget that your client sets.

    This is the amount of money available to pay for all debts (including credit cards, mortgages, insurances, cars, etc.)

    Debt Acceleration Services optimizes that money and assigns it for best use. Thus debts are paid faster, interest is saved, and Debt Acceleration Services encourages saving on unnecessary things towards the bigger goal of having a monthly surplus that you can save or invest.

    Money Optimizer

    Also, consider that those budget programs don’t allow for the reality of the debts you have.

    For example, let’s say you have three credit cards, and you owe $1000 on each one. The APRs are 15%, 20%, and 30%. These credit cards will be treated equally by a budget program.

    Even worse, most don’t consider your monthly payments, but only what you expend, which is irrelevant in most cases.

    In contrast, Debt Acceleration Services treats these three credit cards differently based on their APRs. The most significant payment portion will go to the highest APR card (the 30% APR).

    This technique makes a huge difference and has a snowballing effect by allocating maximum payment to the highest APR debt.

    Zero Risk

    Another risk factor you may have when using budget programs is that they know more about your life than yourself.

    For example, let’s say that you cash $100 on an ATM at a casino; obviously, your credit card issuer will know, and you can’t avoid that, but that card issuer does not know if you cash another $200 with another credit card.

    The problem is that budget programs track ALL those transactions, and their algorithms can determine that you have a higher than average use of your money on casinos. Therefore, they can use that information and sell it to other companies for marketing purposes or worse.

    Obviously, with Debt Acceleration Services, it could never happen since your credit card accounts are NOT connected to any database, so we don’t know about your activities.

    Buy at 0% APR

    Another essential benefit of Debt Acceleration Services is its capacity to handle 0% APR transactions.

    Discover card, and others can offer the first 18 months at 0% APR. Debt Acceleration Services handles these types of credit cards differently, assigning an equal portion of the balance automatically, based on the number of months left.

    For example, let’s say that you receive and use a credit card with a limit of $10,000 and 0% APR for 18 months. Debt Acceleration Services will suggest paying $555.55 per month (assuming that you use your total limit, $10,000 / 18 = $555.55).

    The beauty is that Debt Acceleration Services will adapt automatically as the balance changes. If instead of using $10,000 all at once, you start using $1000 this month and then $500 more the next month, etc., Debt Acceleration Services will change its recommendation based on that reality, and not recommend paying $555.55 per month.

    It is the best way to take advantage of 0% APR offers without paying any interest.

    Buy at 0% APR (cont)

    Another possible use of this feature is the checks that you receive at 0% APR as offers. You can take advantage of those offers, knowing that really you are going to pay the debt at 0% and possibly (and hopefully) use that money to pay the other high-interest debts that you have.

    Another example is PayPal. As you probably know, PayPal and many other companies (Amazon, for example) give 0% APR offers for purchases over a certain amount ($99 in the case of PayPal).

    This is great for the consumer, but the problem is paying at 0% APR, especially when you have several purchases at different times and with different amounts.

    It is almost impossible to calculate by hand how much to pay to take full advantage of the offer without overpaying for the month. It is even more difficult if you consider that you could have other purchases that should be paid at different APRs.

    With Debt Acceleration Services, that is an automatic process that always pays only the best amount possible.

    How do you make money?

    By becoming our Venture Partner, you will be entitled to issue licenses of your white-label of Debt Acceleration Services (up to 500 active licenses at the same time). Then, you will sell debt acceleration services to your clients at any price you want (suggested price is $29.97 per month).

    Make more money...

    We recommend that you give a little coaching to your clients to add value to the program and thus, allowing you to make more money per client.

    One basic client represents to you $360, 100 clients $36,000, and 500 can generate $180,000 or more per year, The sky is the limit.

    Are you a candidate?

    You are in luck if you are a Financial Planner, Accountant, Tax Adviser, or Credit Repair Company. You can combine your practice with the Debt Acceleration Services easily.

    A Financial Planner can advise their clients by reviewing their monthly entries verifying that they are on track as an additional service.

    Once the client has a monthly surplus, you can recommend using that surplus more productively, saving, or investing according to your financial plan.


    My wife always forgets to pay on time but thanks to your software and the emails I receive that it's a thing of the past. Thanks.

    – Rob O'Really

    Thanks to your debt accelerator manager I can buy lots of items from Amazon and I accumulate them until they total more than $149 so I can pay over time knowing that every payment will be correct.

    – Francis Ramirez

    I have a lot of credit card debt and I've calculated savings of $200-$300 per month thanks to your debt acceleration service. I can feel the snowball effect. 

    – Richard J.

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