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Automatic Business Machine (ABM) is a new type of business where you can create a recurrent (repeating) income for the life of the client with little to no extra work. Get up to 3000% (yes, three thousands) per month of your investment. 

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Automatic Business Machine is entirely different than any other business you've seen. It is designed to be as lucrative as possible and to require almost no attention at all, so it is the perfect business for busy people that don't have time to work a second job.

If you are looking for an extra income or a full-time job that requires almost no time, this is for you.

You can make up to $15,000 per month the lazy way, maybe even more if you want to put a little more time. And, this is only for one block of licenses. So, if your network of influence is big enough, you can manage several blocks of licenses, and each block can make up to $15,000 per month or more.

There are four parts to this business, and we provide all of them to you.

1) The Automatic Business Machine program. The one to manage your prospects and clients, do marketing to them, charge and manage the finances with your clients, and the one that generates the licenses for your clients.

2) Your white-label Debt Acceleration Services program. This is the app that your clients will use to accelerate their debt payments and save money and time at the same time (see an example HERE). This program works around the clock, analyzing and advising your clients when to pay, what debts to pay and how much to accelerate their debt payments while reducing the total amount paid based on a monthly budget chosen by the user (your client).

3) Your white-label website (like http://www.MyMoneyIsMyMoney.com) to promote your Debt Acceleration Services This website is designed to provide your clients with all the information they require and to entice them to buy so basically you 

4) Marketing Materials, Support, and Training. 

This service that you will be selling is NOT credit repair services, and you should not expect to delete any derogatory that your clients may have on their credit report but as they reduce their debts, and they start paying them on time, their credit score should increase as a result of that.

When you become a Venture Partner, you can sell the Debt Acceleration Services directly to your clients under your white-label brand (private label).

Additionally, you would be able to offer other services that you may have exclusively in the integrated marketing area (top-right of the right image).

Welcome to Automatic Business Machine...

the business that helps your clients accelerate their debts payments while alerting them when, how much and what to pay which, as a fringe benefit, it will affect favorably their credit score.

When your clients start using your Debt Acceleration Services (under your white label name) they will be hooked forever for the tangible results they will be able to achieve, earning you a recurrent income for years to come.

Below, there is a video to understand how the business works.

Automatic Business Machine

Watch the following video to understand how the whole business works

Six reasons why you want to start right away

your Automatic Business Machine services

1 24/7 INCOME

Automatic Business Machine is a business that makes you money 24/7 in perpetuity for the life of the client.


Our program will do all the processing required. Just promote the service to your clients. Even your exclusive marketing website is included. This service sells by itself.


Debt Acceleration Services appeals to almost everyone and is why this service is so easy to market. Offer it to your current network of clients, to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers, to churches, etc. If you are an Accountant, Financial Adviser or Credit Repair Company you have a head start. This is a complete business available to anyone who wants to start a great business from home or office. We will even include a Social Media Marketplace (click HERE to see it)


It’s your business, and you set your selling price, plus you can add value by coaching your clients. For example, 100 clients can represent $36,000 a year of recurrent passive income, while 500 can represent $180,000. You get 500 licenses for our low monthly price. How much do you want to make?


Your included white-labeled self-promoting website will work for you 24/7 to acquire clients automatically. See the example HERE


Automatic Business Machine can become your money-making-producer once you come aboard.  As your clients start using your Debt Acceleration Services, you will start making money. They will want to continue using the program for many years to come, considering the advantages of the service. Start today and make money today.


As part of your subscription to Automatic Business Machine you will receive:

  • The Automatic Business Machine software to manage all your clients and to create licenses for them in your Debt Acceleration Services private-label.

  • Up to 500 activation included, which means that you can have up to 500 active clients for our very-low Automatic Business Machine monthly price.

  • Your white-label program of Debt Acceleration Services. This is the program that your clients will use.

  • A website with your chosen name to promote your white-labeled Debt Acceleration Service

  • Initial training on the Automatic Business Machine and your private-label of Debt Acceleration Services so you can start immediately making money.

  • Unlimited support, tips, advice, marketing materials, etc. Your success is our success.